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Frankly Speaking…

Let's take your average criminal defense case.

Clients are frightened and emotional. They want to know what their options are, and they're hoping for the best outcomes. That’s only natural!

It's a trying time, and there are various ways that professional counsel addresses the client’s concerns.

Some attorneys do this by trying to diplomatically leave the door open to some outcomes that are clearly longshots, so that they can acclimate the client to the situation slowly…

Part of the problem here, though, is that when you're facing a charge, you need all of the efficiency and forward knowledge that you can get to start to mount your defense.

So having a lawyer kind of equivocate about your charges is ultimately not very helpful in many cases.

We try to bring to the table a delicate balance between that key support that our clients need and the effective counsel that will help them with their cases. That’s part of the dedication and care that you’d expect from a top criminal defense law firm.

In other words, you can expect to hear a realistic assessment of what you're facing and then we can go from there. There are ways to counter a lot of criminal charges – but it's not done by just wishing them away. There are specific legal processes involved, and those rely on the skill and expertise of your counsel, to a great extent.

Other Kinds of Law

Criminal defense isn't the only aspect of law that we handle, but we find that the responsibility to speak frankly and accurately and clearly is helpful in other areas, too. It’s not just for people who are facing charges.

Rather than applying wishful thinking to something like estate and probate planning, we can provide realistic thinking that provides a framework for building a plan, and thus building the best legacy for the next generation.

Local Courts and Expertise

You also want professional attorneys who know how to work through local courts and what things are like in a state’s legal world.

Court processes change all the time – legislators create new laws. Procedures change based on external factors. Just take the coronavirus and its impact on courtroom procedure. Anyone who is inside a courtroom on a regular basis knows that Covid has had an impact, and knows to a certain extent what that impact has been.

So to recap, getting guidance for effective counsel is important. Turn to Paradise Valley Law for excellent legal representation in AZ courts.

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