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New Arizona Expungement Law Takes effect in January, 2023!

Traditionally in Arizona, the only remedy for prior criminal convictions was the "Set Aside" whereby an applicant had to file a petition with the court, make sure all obligations had been met, and the judgement of guilt would be set aside. The reality is, those convictions are still a matter of public record and still visible to prospective employers, renters, etc. 

Now, beginning in 2023, the legislature will enact A.R.S. 13-911. Under the new law, those eligible can finally petition to have those convictions sealed! This is great news when it comes to finding employment and rental opportunities. 

Eligible records include, criminal convictions, charges, and arrests. 


With the passing of Proposition 207 in Arizona, the Arizona Legislature, for the first time, has paved the way for people with previous marijuana-related offenses to have those records expunged beginning in July of 2021. At Paradise Valley our Attorneys can petition the court on your behalf to have those records erased. 



You may seek expungement of your marijuana-related criminal records if you were either arrested, charged, convicted or acquitted of any of the following offenses:


1. Possessing, consuming, or transporting two and one-half ounces or less of marijuana*, of which not more than twelve and one-half grams was in the form of marijuana concentrate.


2. Possessing, transporting, cultivating, or processing not more than six marijuana plants at your primary residence for personal use.


3. Possessing, using, or transporting paraphernalia related to the cultivation, manufacture, processing, or consumption of marijuana.



If you or someone you know was arrested, charged, convicted or acquitted of a marijuana-related offense, call us today to see if we can have those records erased. Our consultations are free and our expungement process is quick and cost-effective. 

Call: (602) 888-03738   

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