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Four Key Types Of Criminal Defense Counsel

At Paradise Valley Law, we understand that there are often a lot of challenges in responding to criminal charges. There is the process of understanding how state law applies, (in possible intersection with federal law,) and what the overall situation is depending on how those charges were generated. It's also an emotional time for most defendants and simply put, they need the best help they can get!

Here are some of the types of cases that we effectively help with on a routine basis.

Juvenile Crimes

Any time a juvenile crook commits a crime, lawyers have to be looking at the potential for excessive prosecution. Courts may want to try a particular defendant as an adult, or load up charges or do something else to try to maximize the penalty for existing criminal accusations.

We work with the entire family to protect juvenile clients from unfair prosecution in local courts, with an eye toward securing our client’s rights under the law.


It's an exciting time for many people who have a past conviction on a record for routine marijuana possession.

With fairly rapid legalization efforts, some of these minor crimes can now be expunged from a person's record. Expungement has many practical consequences, some of which may have to do with a person's career and livelihood.

We are active in helping to get a criminal conviction expunged from someone's record.

Internet and Computer Crimes

This is an important category of criminal defense for a number of reasons.

It's helpful to remember that this is a very new area of the law. The Internet has only existed for a few decades, and the law around it is fairly new and fairly ambiguous. What constitutes a particular computer crime?

We often consult with those facing Internet and computer related charges about whether their activity actually constitutes criminal behavior. Some factors include the application of digital forensics, the evaluation of the technology user's intent, and how charges have been brought.

Theft Charges

This is another category where some parts of the law can be ambiguous. For instance, the line between petty larceny and grand larceny has to do with valuing objects – but are the objects in question being valued fairly?

For all of these and more, turn to Paradise Valley Law for excellent legal representation in local Phoenix area courts. It's easy to get connected with this firm – just fill out the quick web form with name, email, phone number and case type, and you can expect help from a professional criminal defense attorney in your area.

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