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Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyers

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Paradise Valley Law's seasoned criminal defense attorneys are focused on you. With a team of attorneys focused exclusively on criminal defense-related cases, our team of experts ensure clients feel comfortable with their representation by maintaining open lines of communication and responding quickly to their questions.


Our confidence is why we offer free initial consultations, aligning you with an actual attorney. Whether you’re in need of expungement or fighting criminal charges, Paradise Valley Law is in your corner.

Our attorneys can represent you in:

  • DUI's

  • Misdemeanors

  • Felonies

  • Expungement

  • And much more...

If you've been charged with a crime, you're dreading what's to come and wondering what's next. Attorneys at Paradise Valley Law are experts. Here's the basic process for a criminal case:

  • Initial Investigation: When a crime has been reported to police.

  • Follow-up Investigation: If no initial arrest is made, investigation by police can continue. 

  • Formal Charging Process: When a Prosecutor has reviewed the police evidence they may decide to file formal charges against you in the form of:

    • Direct Complaint where you'll have a Preliminary Hearing or​

    • Grand Jury Indictment: A secret meeting with a grand jury that establishes probable cause.

  • Initial Appearance: Within 24 hours of an arrest or if a person is given a grand jury summons, a person is brought in front of a judge for a reading of the accusations and a decision on bail. 

  • Status Conference: The first opportunity for the Defendant's attorney and Prosecutor to discuss a Plea Offer.

  • Arraignment: Held within 10 days of filing of a complaint or Indictment. The Defendant is presented with a formal reading of the charges; pleads NOT GUILTY; and needs an attorney. 

  • Initial Pre-Trial Conference: Generally 45 days after arraignment where initial issues regarding the case can be presented. 

  • Settlement Conference: More trial issues like discovery can be settled at a settlement conference. 

  • Final Trial Management Conference: Held 7 days before trial where remaining issues are resolved before trial.

  • Trial

  • Appeal/Post Conviction Relief

At any point in the process, you need an attorney to represent your interests. An experienced attorney will know how to navigate this complex system, acquire grand jury transcripts if available, and make proper motions to set you up for the best possible outcome for your case. 


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